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In the Future

It’s hard to imagine what the future holds for the future of social media and technology. Go back fifty or sixty years some people thought we would be living in space with flying cars. Although we might not have reached that point yet we have come along way. We may not have the cool flying cars of The … Continue reading

In the Present

Like many people, I am using social media more than ever before. It has become apart of my daily routine. Having a smart phone and wireless Internet connection makes it easier than ever to take your social media with you wherever you go. The widespread availability of broadband Internet service has drastically changed how and … Continue reading

In the Past

Let’s think back to a time when there were telephone booths on corners and you knew people’s home landline numbers by memory. Or how about a time when you invested money into CDs and a portable CD player to listen to the 12 or so songs that could fit onto a CD. Or how about … Continue reading